A´Barra defines its commitment to excellence with a demanding investment project.

A´Barra opened its doors in May 2016 in order to invest in excellence for the client. Six months after its opening, it receives a Michelin Star. Since then, it evolves without losing its philosophy in servide and kitchen, with new dishes such as the Scorpionfish, suquet of its spines and the head fried that is plated in front of the diner, an example of the philosophy of A'BArra: "Product defense and admiration for nature".

A gastronomic commitment that continues to grow in 2020 under the direction of the same professionals that inaugurated A´Barra:

  • Sergio Manzano, Head Chef
  • Alfonso Martín-Delgado, Maître
  • Valerio Carrera, Sommelier (National Gastronomy Award 2019)

Faithful to the traditional formulas in the elaborations, we promote research and development, in the constant search for a healthy and sustainable cuisine, based on the product.

The wine cellar, with more than 950 references, continues to accumulate lost jewels and unusual treasures.

The restaurant keeps its contemporary and elegant decoration, inspired by a Oak, where noble materials, wood, granite and quartz predominate with elements and colors of nature, in green and brown tones. In addition, committed to art, they will continue to wear their walls works by renowned artists.